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Visit a fun fall festival, go apple picking, take a day trip to Kenosha, visit Holy Hill, or go hiking to enjoy the fall colors in Milwaukee. In today's list, I'll introduce you to some of the best activities around Milwaukee in October. Enjoying Oktoberfest, apple picking (which is one of the few things I do in Waukee in the fall) and visiting HolyHill are all good things to do while enjoying the colors of the fall, whether you enjoy them or not.

If you're looking for activities in Milwaukee, this list is a good start, but you can see some opportunities for visitors who prefer to take a walk on the wild side. During a week-long tour of Milwaukee, there are many attractions to visit and there are reports of their accessibility. There are more than 1,000 miles of hiking trails, parks and other attractions available in the Milwaukee area on any given day. We've picked out our 77 best attractions and local jewels for you, so make sure you check them out!

If you're looking for a must-see - check out the attractions in Milwaukee, then stop by the Lynden Sculpture Garden. If you're looking for the best ways to explore inwaukee, look no further than the Boerner Botanical Gardens.

In Westown you will find a great and phenomenal exhibition featuring some of the best artworks from around the country as well as some great local artists. Every first Thursday of the month, the Milwaukee Art Museum and Meijer sponsor free admission to this impressive museum.

People flock to this event every year, as everyone in Milwaukee looks for outdoor activities in the warmer months. If you are looking for the best places to explore, this suggestion will show you the right way. It's exciting to rummage for incredible ancient finds when you look at the things you do around Milwaukee.

Take a personal guide through the history of Milwaukee beer, wander through 155 years of brewing history, and sample beers from some of the best breweries in the world.

If you're looking for activities in Milwaukee to celebrate your heritage, you can find them here at the Milwaukee County Museum of Art. There are a number of iconic things that have been done in and around Milwaukee that are worth stopping here to see a piece of Milwaukee history. If you're looking for some fun things to do in Milwaukee, you should not miss the Waukee County Zoo. Visit some of your favorite animals at one of the world's largest and most popular animal shows with over 1,000 animals.

There is also a streetcar that will take you through downtown Milwaukee, but of course you can also walk around and see some of the sights. Start at the Milwaukee Art Museum and walk, run, skate and jog along the 6-mile Lakefront Trail or walk through the green Veterans Park.

Milwaukee has a number of well-known museums, including the very popular Milwaukee Art Museum, which welcomes nearly 400,000 visitors each year. The most popular is the Milwaukee Museum of Art, which houses some of the world's most famous artists and artworks.

The Boerner Botanical Garden offers you the opportunity to experience all of these things right in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and you don't have to pay inflated prices for this privilege. In addition to the famous attractions mentioned above, the city also has a number of other great attractions to explore when visiting beautiful Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Brookfield, located west of Milwaukee, is also part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area and is also an ideal destination for business or leisure travelers. There are many free things to do in Milwaukee and this park is one of the best. Brookfield is a great destination for business travelers and adventurous people who love outdoor activities. It is also a good area to spend your vacation in Milwaukee as well as your business trip to Milwaukee.

Estabrook Park is something to consider when looking for a fun attraction in Milwaukee that is fun for the whole family. Milwaukee offers many attractions that appeal to tourists and is also a great destination for business travelers from many cities in the state and surrounding area, including Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.

If you prefer a quieter area, check out Mequon Nature Preserve, one of the most beautiful natural parks in the state of Wisconsin. The hotel is located about half an hour from downtown Milwaukee and is accessible by car train from the city of Milwaukee.

The open road leads to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, which dates back to 1903, the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the USA and the world.

Once you reach Holy Hill, head north on the road to Cave Mounds National Natural Landmark, which is bordered by the Green Bay River, Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee River. Head to Grafton, where you will be at the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, one of the largest wildlife refuges in the United States. The property is located at the southern end of Lake Superior, south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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