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Wisconsin has a lot of history, so plan to check out the top 10 museums in Wisconsin for an informative and fun weekend. Take your children to some of the best interactive museums in the state to provide them with many educational opportunities. Use your next visit to the Art Museum with these 8 special things you can do with children at the Art Museum. Families can enjoy and learn in the interactive exhibits of the museum, which include interactive exhibitions, interactive games and interactive activities for children and adults.

Sights include the largest known dinosaur skull, a gallery where visitors can walk freely - flying butterflies and a life-size diorama that lets guests experience Milwaukee as it was in the 1880s and before.

The diorama is a work of art, but it is also a reflection of the artists and scientists of Milwaukee who created it here in Milwaukee. While the city has first-class museums, Milwaukee and surrounding cities have a variety of collections celebrating and documenting their history, culture, history and culture. From this perspective, the Milwaukee Public Museum has the largest collection of modern art in the United States and one of the largest collections of modern art in the world.

If you are a few blocks from the Milwaukee Public Museum, several Milwaukee Transit buses stop at the museum, including the Nos. Long-standing favorites include the Museum of Natural History, Living Oceans and the Wisconsin State Museum. Southeastern Wisconsin is home to some of the lesser-known jewels in the world of art and culture, such as the Art Institute of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Milwaukee Historical Society.

During our stay at Stevens Point, we also liked the Natural History Museum, Wisconsin State Museum and Milwaukee Public Museum. Perhaps the best place for kids (or those who are at heart) to learn about science and technology is the Science and Technology Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a space specifically designed for 10-and-under.

Milwaukee has a ton of hotel and lodging options, but our favorite family vacation suggestion is a stay at Tundra Lodge Resort and Waterpark Green in Wisconsin Bay, USA. There is a large covered water park and we liked the many pools and water slides. Alternatively, we stayed at one of the many hotels in Milwaukee where we stayed, such as the Marriott Marquis & Suites Milwaukee, which alternates between large pools with small arcades. Many people also like staying at a Wisconsin hotel, such as the Ritz-Carlton Milwaukee or Hilton Milwaukee Bay Area.

Our best choice for accommodation in Eau Claire is to be connected to the Wisconsin Museum of Natural History, where we stayed at Tundra Lodge Resort and Waterpark Green in Wisconsin Bay, USA.

When you're there and in the Chippewa Valley, be sure to visit the Wisconsin Natural History Museum, Great Lakes National Park and Wisconsin State Park. The Wisconsin State Fair, the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin History Museum should all be on your list.

And finally, but absolutely least of all, visit the Wisconsin Museum of Quilting to take a look at the semi-fiber art in nearby Cedarburg, the first quilting shop in Wisconsin.

Located on the campus of the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), the museum has the most comprehensive art collection dedicated to the evolution of human labor. From art exhibitions to stops, this is truly the museum for everyone in Milwaukee. Similarly, the Milwaukee Public Museum has been informing and entertaining downtown visitors for generations. Jewish community in Milwaukee, and this museum is dedicated to the history of this community. The museum has always had changing exhibitions on interesting topics and organizes events such as the annual "Jewish Day of Remembrance."

This small art museum is housed in a historic mansion built by the prominent Allis family from Milwaukee specifically for their art collection. The Milwaukee Art Museum is a great place to follow the history of the city and its history in art and art history. By the end of the 19th century, it is said to have amassed a collection of rocks, minerals and fossils, the largest on this side of Philadelphia.

The museum as we know it today, as we love it, began in the 1950s and was shaped by the efforts of the Allis-Chalmers family and their son Charles. Designed by the renowned architect Alexander Eschweiler with the help of Charles allis, the first president of All is Chalmer, the museum is a very special museum. It was the first children's museum to visit Wisconsin and has transformed many of its exhibits in recent years.

The Over and Beyond Children's Museum is one of the largest and most popular children's museums in the United States. The summer festival is over, but if you're there and need something to do, then you should check out this hidden gem of a museum located right in your own town. While you're there, another attraction is worth visiting: Storybrook Gardens on the outskirts of town, home to some of Wisconsin's most beautiful gardens. Betty Brinn, who was curator of the Milwaukee County Museum of Natural History in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during our stay.

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